Cancer Diagnostics - Winning the Fight Against Cancer

2/10/22, 1:30 PM
Europe/Berlin CET+2


Cancer alone has been globally a major healthcare burden. Many cancers are detected at a late stage, screening and early diagnostics have been shown to make a difference in outcomes and save lives.


The global agenda to reduce the cancer death rate can be achieved by improving the existing screening/diagnostic solutions and bringing innovative solutions to the market, which are - more portable, simple to operate, has better precision to predict weak markers/signals, quicker, and cheaper.


Technology developers are working on various solutions, including artificial intelligence, algorithms, machine learning, image processing, advanced data analytics, and others to address the unmet needs in cancer diagnostics.


Join our webinar to know :

  1. How the technology advancements are addressing cancer diagnosis challenges?
  2. Which technologies are expected to disrupt the cancer diagnostics market?
  3. Which start-ups are working on innovative ideas?
  4. What's expected to reach the market in the next five years?

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