#FOAM Post partum imaging

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The post-partum period is defined as the 6-8 weeks after delivery during which the uterus involutes and returns to its normal size. There is significant overlap between normal postpartum imaging findings and complications, necessitating a multidisciplinary team approach to caring for these women with close clinical surveillance, laboratory investigations and judicious use of imaging.
This lecture will cover the spectrum of ‘normal’ multimodality appearances following vaginal delivery and Cesarean section as well as discussing the important clinical challenges and imaging pitfalls encountered in this patient group.
The first line imaging modality is often ultrasound for pelvic complications however the use of CT and MR imaging may be helpful, particularly for extra-pelvic complications.


Learning Objectives Part 2:
• Describe the normal postpartum imaging appearances of the uterus.
• Discuss the various imaging modalities available for assessment of postpartum complications and when they should be used.
• Describe potential uterine postpartum complications, discuss the overlap with normal postpartum appearances and how to differentiate.
• Discuss potential extra-uterine complications and the optimal modalities for assessment.


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Katherine van Ree, Nishat Bharwani


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#FOAM Post partum imaging

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