What You Need to Know: Telemedicine and CHD

Adult Congenital Heart Association, Children’s Heart Foundation, Mended Little Hearts
8/26/20, 10:00 PM
America/New York GMT -4 summer


The Adult Congenital Heart Association, Children’s Heart Foundation and Mended Little Hearts are partnering to provide accurate, timely information regarding telemedicine and congenital heart disease for children, adults and family members. This partnership is critical because these organizations are the experts across the lifespan with programming focused on advocacy, education, support services and research. The webinar will be broad and comprehensive to provide resources for those affected by CHD.


An important new focal point during this year that has emerged is telemedicine. Due to the CHD community being listed as high-risk (according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) with COVID-19, patients and families rely on this new critical tool to continue to receive quality healthcare from qualified CHD and ACHD providers, from the comfort of your home.


During this webinar, we will:

• Discuss myths associated with telemedicine

• Identify the benefits and limitations of telemedicine

• Review key items you need to know about preparing for a telemedicine visit, and what questions to ask during the visit

• Share questions to ask your healthcare team to see if a telemedicine visit is appropriate for you, and/or your loved one with CHD

• Examine healthcare disparities affecting the CHD population

• Advocate for telemedicine for the future

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What You Need to Know: Telemedicine and CHD




Ami Bhatt, Kathryn M. Dodds, Thomas A. Miller, Ryan Stephens, Brandi Gandy


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What You Need to Know: Telemedicine and CHD