TCR T Cells, WT-1 T Cells and HA-1 TCR T Cells

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T cells can be engineered with particular T cell receptor (TCR) molecules that bind pieces of specific proteins (antigens) and thereby direct T cells to attack cells expressing those antigens. In this webinar, researchers from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center will discuss their recent and ongoing clinical trials of WT-1 and HA-1 specific TCR T cells to prevent and treat post-transplant leukemia relapse. They will review the clinical results and progress of these trials, discuss different approaches to generating antigen-specific T cells including expansion of naturally-occurring T cell clones vs. genetic engineering, elaborate on the factors associated with successful transfer of immune TCR T cells, and describe methods that may improve TCR T cell survival, proliferation and anti-tumor activity of infused T cells.

Describe how TCR T cell differ from CAR-T cells, Familiarize participants with strategies for finding TCR targets and high-affinity, highly specific TCRs and for manufacturing TCR T cells, Share clinical results of TCR T cell trials to prevent and treatment post-transplant leukemia/MDS relapse


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Elizabeth Krakow, Aude Chapuis


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TCR T Cells, WT-1 T Cells and HA-1 TCR T Cells

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