I International Critical Care Symposium - Focus on COVID-19 pandemic

Rede D'Or São Luiz
America/Sao_Paulo GMT -3


October 31 st , 2020


Opening session 08:20 - 08:50 AM BRT: Suzana Lobo, Leandro Reis, Flavia Machado, Ederlon Rezende.



Neurocritical care in COVID – 19

(09:00 às 10:00)

Moderator: Pedro Kurtz


Neurological manifestations of COVID-19.

Sherry Chou


Thrombotic and hemorrhagic Cerebral Complications

Pedro Kurtz


MRI and post mortem cerebral findings

Fabio Taccone





Respiratory Care in COVID -19

(10:10 às 11:30)

Moderator: Thiago Gomes Romano


The role of non invasive ventilation in ARDS due to COVID-19

Marcelo Amato


Lung mechanics in COVID-19

Carmen Valente


VV ECMO in COVID-19 pandemics

Luiz Fernando Simvoulidis


How satisfied with the concept of “happy hypoxemia” should we be?

David Nigri





Cardiovascular implications due COVID-19

(11:40 às 12:40)

Moderator: Rafael Franco


Myocardial implications due to Sars-CoV-2.

Ludmilha Hajjar


Arrhytmias due to Sars-CoV-2

Rafael Franco


How do physicians conduct fluid challenge at the bedside?

Daniel de Backer





Coagulation and COVID-19

(12:50 às 13:50)

Moderator: Ederlon Rezende


Haemostasis in COVID-19

Eduardo Rego


What venous thromboembolism prophylaxis should we indicate?

Marcelo Park


Should we anticoagulate our patients with COVID-19?Saulo Beiler





Renal Care and COVID-19

(14:00 às 15:00)

Moderator: Thiago Gomes Romano


How does Sars-CoV-2 impacts the kidneys

Thiago Gomes Romano


Adsortion therapies in COVID-19: the Italian experience

Thiago Reis


Lung and kidney cross talk

Rogerio Passos





COVID-19 in ICU: the big picture

(15:10 às 16:10)

Moderator: Fabio Miranda


The Brazilian epidemiological features in critical patients with COVID-19

Fernando Bozza


Using ICU database in the COVID-19 pandemic: surveillance, management and research

Jorge Salluh


ICU prognostic models in COVID-19: is there something we should know?

Rui Moreno


Will COVID-19 pandemic change the way we think critical care?

Jean Louis Vicent





Patient centered care and bioethics in COVID-19 pandemics

(16:40 às 17:40)

Moderator: Marcelo Maia


Communication and patient value assessment during the pandemic

Daniel Forte


Ethical dilemmas during the pandemic

Gabriel Heras


Not dying alone – modern compassionate care in the COVID-19 pandemic

Vicente de Souza Dantas





Guided therapies for COVID-19

(17:50 às 19:00)

Moderator: Fernando Zampieri



Fernando Zampieri



Andre Kalil



Ana Verena



Marcio Soares


Convalescent Plasma

Esper Kallas



Pedro Kurtz, Thiago Gomes Romano, Rafael Franco, Ederlon Rezende, Thiago Gomes Romano, Fabio Miranda, Marcelo Maia, Fernando Zampieri

Neurocritical care in COVID – 19, Respiratory Care in COVID -19, Cardiovascular implications due COVID-19, Coagulation and COVID-19, Renal Care and COVID-19, COVID-19 in ICU: the big picture, Patient centered care and bioethics in COVID-19 pandemics, Guided therapies for COVID-19


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Suzana Lobo, Leandro Reis, Flavia Machado, Ederlon Rezende, Sherry Chou, Pedro Kurtz, Fabio Taccone, Marcelo Amato, Carmen Valente, Luiz Fernando Simvoulidis, David Nigri, Ludmilha Hajjar, Rafael Franco, Daniel de Backer, Eduardo Rego, Marcelo Park, Saulo Beiler, Thiago Gomes Romano, Thiago Reis, Rogerio Passos, Fernando Bozza, Jorge Salluh, Rui Moreno, Jean Louis Vicent, Daniel Forte, Gabriel Heras, Vicente de Souza Dantas, Fernando Zampieri, Andre Kalil, Ana Verena, Marcio Soares, Esper Kallas


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I International Critical Care Symposium - Focus on COVID-19 pandemic

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