Detecting Stomach and Pancreatic Cancers

Columbia Global Centers, Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center
Asia/New Dheli +5:30


This Stomach and Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month, join leading oncologists and public health experts from Columbia University and India to learn about how we can understand, diagnose, and prevent gastrointestinal cancers.
Gastric (stomach) cancer ranks as the fifth most common cancer in India and the world, while pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer-related deaths globally. Despite high mortality rates, the survivability from both these cancers is closely tied to early detection and treatment. Knowing the incidence and mortality rates in India and worldwide, what are feasible and cost-effective screening strategies? How can these be implemented during Covid-19 times?
Our distinguished panelists will discuss the importance and challenges of early detection, and explore viable population and individual cancer screening strategies to achieve positive health outcomes for gastrointestinal cancers. This program is part of ‘Screenings that Save: A Seminar Series on Cancer Diagnosis and Prevention’ organized by Columbia Global Centers | Mumbai in collaboration with the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Detecting Stomach and Pancreatic Cancers


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Detecting Stomach and Pancreatic Cancers

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