RSNA 2020 Program: At-a-glance

America/Denver GMT-6


Case-based Review of CT, Mass Casualty Imaging and Workflow: Be Prepared!, Special Interest Session: Improving Patient Experience through Human Design Thinking (Sponsored by the RSNA Public Information Committee), Genitourinary (Renal Masses), Friday Imaging Symposium: Important Cases Not to Miss: Case-based Review from Head to Toe: Part I, Thyroid Sonography: At a Tipping Point, BOOST: Lung, Mediastinum, Pleura-Case-based Multidisciplinary Review (Interactive Session), Hot Topic Session: Integrated Diagnostics — Risk Predictions of Breast Cancer, Gastrointestinal (Dual Energy CT Technique), Friday Imaging Symposium: Important Cases Not to Miss: Case-based Review from Head to Toe: Part II, Case-based Review of Ultrasound, Controversy Session: Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Musculoskeletal Injectables — Show Me the Science, Science Session with Keynote: Breast Imaging (Artificial Intelligence), Case-based Review of Nuclear Medicine: PET/CT Workshop — Advances in PET (In Conjunction with SNMMI), Radiology Update: Review Current Evidence in the Literature, Current Issues in Pulmonary Vascular Imaging, Hot Topic Session: Integration of Novel Blood, CSF and Imaging Biomarkers for the Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease, Physics (Radiation Dose: Part I), Case-based Review of Magnetic Resonance, Essentials of Genitourinary Imaging, Cardiac Imaging in Private Practice: Lessons Learned, Musculoskeletal (Elbow, Wrist, Hand)


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RSNA 2020 Program: At-a-glance

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