A Deeper Understanding of Oncology Trends: Connecting Sales and Cancer Statistics

5/20/21, 5:00 PM
Europe/London GMT+1


What will this webinar address?


Oncology became the most valuable therapy area in 2010 and has grown rapidly over the last decade. The continued launch of innovative medicines is one of the key drivers fueling this growth and many new launches are targeted therapies that stem from a better understanding of tumor biology and therapy mechanism of action.

However, the rate of innovation has not been the same across tumor types. Whilst some oncology diseases saw an improvement in standard of care thanks to the emergence of new product classes, unmet needs still exist across many others.

This webinar will provide a deeper, more granular view of the oncology market using MIDAS Sales by Disease linked to global cancer statistics and detail key developments that have changed the landscape.


Why attend?

  • Get the complete overview of the oncology market: value, growth, and geographical trends
  • Learn about trends in innovative launches in oncology
  • Be the first to learn powerful insights generated by linking MIDAS Sales by Disease data with cancer epidemiology and survival data highlighting key dynamics across tumor types such as fast growth, better outcomes, and unmet needs.
  • Get a better understanding of key developments and classes of products that have changed the treatment landscape across multiple tumor types such as checkpoint and PARP inhibitors inhibitors.
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A Deeper Understanding of Oncology Trends: Connecting Sales and Cancer Statistics




Yasemin Karanis, Kapil Chaddha