Early Cancer Diagnosis

Red Whale
10/8/21, 5:00 PM
Europe/London GMT+1


Join us for a half-day webinar focused squarely on how to improve earlier diagnosis of cancer, while also avoiding some of the common pitfalls which can trip you up along the way. This webinar will also be available to watch on demand.


We're all GPs in clinical practice and only too aware of how difficult it is to spot cancers early when they present in primary care, so as well as being a practical half day, it will also be pragmatic!


Using specific cancer examples, we will take you through how to get better at spotting cancers in the context of:

  • Recurrent infections
  • Soft markers e.g. elevated platelets, microcytosis or weight loss etc
  • Unusual age groups
  • Vague symptoms

We'll also cover how to avoid being fooled by false negative tests, and how to make safety netting work better for you and your patient.


Plus, we'll talk about how to make NG12 (the updated NICE Guidelines on Cancer) more manageable and useful on a day-to-day basis - through the use of Decision Support Tools such as Q-Cancer, and the Risk Assessment Tool, as well as locally commissioned initiatives such as C-the signs.


In the context of regularly changing guidance around primary care direct access testing - both radiological and near patient - we'll help you to get a better handle on which tests are useful, and how to avoid some of the pitfalls that go along with them.


Early diagnosis has formed a key element of the PCN DES and QUIP QI in recent years. We expect that it will continue to be a source of focus for PCNs and practices going forwards, so we offer you a step-by-step guide to quality improvement, data gathering & analysis - as well as signposting to other resources to support your practice and PCN.

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Early Cancer Diagnosis






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Early Cancer Diagnosis