Colorectal Cancer and the Microbiome Webinar

Cancer Research UK, Colorectal Cancer Canada
4/20/22, 1:00 PM
America/New York GMT -4 summer


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Barry D. Stein, Anne Marie Wright

Webinar Welcome Address Opening Remarks, Overview of Cancer Grand Challenges OPTIMISTICC and Introduction to the Microbiome, The Importance of Patient Advocates in Research, Work Package 1: The Impact of the Gut Microbiome on Colorectal Cancer Risk, Prevention and CRC Screening, Work Package 2: Environmental and Lifestyle Factors that affect the Microbiome, Work Package 3: How the Location of the Microbiome and its Interaction with Colorectal Cancer Cells may Impact Potential Therapies, Work Package 4: Learning from Model Systems: Transforming the Microbiome to Impact Cancer Risk, Work Package 5: The Microbiome and Colorectal Cancer Treatments - How the Microbiome may influence the Efficacy, Resistance and Toxicity of Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy, Work Package 6: Targeting the Microbiome to Improve Outcomes for Colorectal Cancer Patients, Early Age Onset Colorectal Cancer and the Microbiome, Live Panel Q&A, Closing Remarks




Barry D. Stein, Jess Sutcliffe, Jodi Hirschman, Margaret Grayson, Laura Porter, Phil Quirke, John Barnes, Shuji Ogino, Lee Jones, Marios Giannakis, Marielle Santos McLeod, Hans Clevers, Candace Henley, Josep Tabernero, Carlos Hue, Rob Holt, Emma Allen Vercoe, Anita Mitchell Isler, Kimmie Ng, Cynthia Sears, Curtis Huttenhower


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Colorectal Cancer  and the Microbiome Webinar